Storheia Arena

A three-year development project focusing on public health and well-being, pride and belonging.

Storheia Arena should

  • become a sustainable experience destination and a cultural and sporting arena for locals and visitors. Available to everyone, regardless of their functional level.
  • provide increased attractiveness and well-being in the region and be one of many actions to why people want to stay here.
  • “lift” the region and make it more visible.

Northern Norway’s “folk mountain”

The project is designed and made together with the people of Hadsel and the region through active participation and involvement.

Northern Norway’s greenest, roughest and most spectacular “folk mountain”!

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Older man walking on the road to Storheia


Read about the progress of the Storheia Arena project, its schedules and deadlines.

Siv Dagny taler ved åpning av Storheia Arena


Are you interested in using Storheia Arena for a big event? What is allowed and what is not?

Rulleski løp på Storheia Arena


See photos from Phase 1, the Opening of Storheia Arena, the folk festival, Arctic Race of Norway.

How do I apply to organise an event at Storheia Arena?

Storheia Arena shall promote public health

In general, people are more physically active if parks, green areas, facilities for recreation, sports and outdoor activities, public transport, important measurement points such as service and shops are located near the home or workplace.
The «Public Health Report»

An important part of Bodø’s application (for European capital of culture, editor´s note) is to include a larger audience and practitioners. Storheia with its accessibility for people with different functional levels is an excellent example of how we can do this in practice.

Ida Maria Pinnerød

Mayor in Bodø

I think it will be terrific. It will be a very nice arena, for those who ride bikes, roller skiing, hikes, have a stroller or use a wheelchair.

Paul Arne Johansen

Landowner in Veidekke's film about the paving of dirt road to Storheia Arena

I think it is absolutely amazing that it has been paved from Husby and all the way up to Storheia. It makes the municipality more inclusive, and has helped me to experience a part of Vesterålen that was previously inaccessible to me.

Ingeborg Aurora Øverli

Wheelchair user

Input and feedback

Feel free to send us your input and feedback on the Storheia Arena project. We really appreciate your opinion. We greatly appreciate your opinion.

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