The progress

The project “Storheia Arena” is divided into phases, as well as time and resource plans, so that the progress of the project is clear to all parties.

Phase 1

Increasing the accessibility and use through infrastructure upgrade Husby – Storheia, 7 km.
  • Trenching
  • New culverts
  • Asphalt
  • Kick off and official opening August 17, 2019

Economy and financing plan

  • Hadsel municipality: kr. 500.000,-
  • Local business: kr. 3.615.000,-
  • “Playing funds”: kr. 3.000.000,-
  • Sum phase 1: kr. 7.115.000,-
  • Status: Conducted and completed 100% 100%

Phase 2

User participation and facilitation for further development

  • Launch website
  • Investigation into further use
  • Broad and partly innovative anchoring, participation and inclusion
  • Investigation and establishment of an operating organization
  • Applications for funding for further development
  • Collaboration with research
  • Collaboration with Bodø 2024
  • Status: Conducted and completed 100% 100%

Phase 3

The Extra Mile

  • Hiring of a development manager for Storheia Arena who will drive activity, financing and development. Develop infrastructure, attract events and build up an experience-based tourism product platform in close cooperation between voluntary organisations, the municipality and business.
  • Storheia PROFF – An advisor who guides events in nature regarding universal and sustainable facilitation, financing and volunteering. The development manager must work with the financing of this, and investigate the need for it.
  • ILAG Volunteer – interaction arena for sport, art and the cultural actors in the region to create engagement to 2024. How should we work together to use volunteering as inclusion, and tools to combat loneliness? Raise the level of knowledge and share experiences in Lofoten and Vesterålen. The development manager will arrange this as a series of events together with the general manager of Storheia Arena Drift, Vesterålen Regionråd, Samfunnsløftet and Kultursamarbeidet Vesterålen.
  • Establishment of a resource group for the program in 2024.

    Read more about “The Extra Mile” here.

    Economy and financing plan

    • Bodø 2024: kr. 5.000.000,-
    • Status: Started 2% 2%


    Storheia Arena Utvikling
    Søndregate 34
    8450 Stokmarknes

    Call us

    (+47) 908 20 051
    Svein-Roar Martinsen
    (Leader of the arena)

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    Bjørn Tore Woll (The Extra Mile)